Technology overview

Zolidd is a proprietary bioactive nanolayer with a bone-strengthening drug. With Zolidd on an implant, the bone grows stronger, stability increases, and the risk of complications is reduced. When the implant with Zolidd on is inserted into bone, the drug is made available to the bone surrounding the implant.  

The zolidd nanolayer


Zolidd is a thin layer of a blood protein, and fully biocompatible. Any implant can be prepared with Zolidd. Zolidd will improve the bone holding power without affecting the underlying properties of the implant itself, and using it requiers no changes in the surgical procedures.

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Bisphosphonate drugs


The drug used in Zolidd is a bisphosphonate. Bisphosphonates are bone-strengthening drugs, and the most prescribed class of drugs for patients with weak bone. Bisphosphonates affect the bone metabolism locally, and when an implant with Zolidd is placed in the bone, the effect of the drug will be on the bone surrounding the implant.

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